Online Energy Monitoring System

We provide online energy monitoring services for facilities of any size.

Our monitoring service offers complete overview of the energy consumption and/or production of the entire facility with as much details as needed with our flexiblemetering and submetering systems. Detection of potential improvement opportunities (energy or demand savings) is made easier with our energy performance analysis tool embedded in the monitoring system.

Our metering approach targets priority revenue generating equipment, providing real-time net metering energy consumption information and revealing potential problems near instantaneously with our excellent programable alert system.

Text and email alerts work for you to find excess equipment usage, unexpected demand charges, loss of renewable energy production and other costly failures. Energy alerts are user-definable and can be set to trigger for virtually any threshold value.

More advanced power analysis features including Peak Demand detection, Baseload Analysis, Power factor and Harmonics measurement can be provided with our offering for a deeper and affordable technical evaluation of the facility power quality.

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