Our Energy Management Approach

Summarized Approach

Our Energy management Summarized Approach


Our energy management approach is designed according to SANS 50001:2011 / ISO 50001, South African and International standards that provide a framework for any organization in all sectors (commercial, manufacturing, industrial or public), regardless of size, to manage energy more efficiently.

Specifically, SANS 50001:2011 / ISO 50001 puts in place the Plan-Do-Check-Act framework for energy management as indicated in Figure 1. This approach includes having to conduct an energy review to establish a baseline and develop an energy plan that details all the potential technical, operational and economic benefit to be gained from the initiative, followed by an implementation, monitoring and performance sustainability plan to continually improve energy performance of the organization.

The evaluation matrix shown below is developed with consideration of the SANS 50001:2011 / ISO 50001 basic principles.

q  Plan: Planning related to organization internal operations

Ø  conduct the energy review

Ø   establish provisional baseline,

Ø  energy performance indicators: kWh and kW against measurable production indicators

Ø  objectives, targets and action plan necessary to deliver results that will improve energy performance and cost

q   Do: Executed Energy Efficiency Activities in implementing the energy management action plans

·         Retrofit as identified in the energy review installed

·         Management of deviation of the planned objectives (if any)

·         Active participation of the organization workforce to ensure sustainability



q  Check: Evaluate by active assessment procedures

Ø  monitor and measure processes and the key characteristics of operations that determine energy performance against the initial plans and objectives

Ø  reporting on the results;

q  Act:

Ø  Take actions to continually improve energy performance and the Energy Management Systems.